Mercedes-Benz GL

UK List Price £60,750
UK Car Exports Price £53,300
UK Car Exports NZD $92,100
UK Car Exports USD $65,600


It’s at home on the street. In its element in off-road terrain. There’s hardly another Mercedes-Benz that is so versatile and at the same time so superb in the disciplines of dynamism, ride comfort and handling safety, plus individuality. Thanks to a series of pioneering assistance systems and to the stylishly distinctive tone of its appointments. The GL-Class is manufactured to the highest standard of automotive exclusivity. And with the ambition of living up to your exceptionally high standards. The result is a harmonious combination of relaxed mobility and a self-assured ambition to lead that is clear for all to see: when a perfect day can be measured in kilometres driven. When size also means responsibility. When the forces of nature no longer have the power to inspire fear, only then has the aim of the GL-Class been achieved. Allow yourself to be moved by the strength of serenity.

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