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Interview with Jeremy, founder, and CEO of UK Car Exports.

In an interview at his office in the sleepy chocolate box village of Shere made famous by the hit film The Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Jeremy reveals his secrets to success in an ever-fluctuating export market.
With an inventory of luxury and premium new and used car brands, it is little wonder that UKCE is one of the UK’s leading car exporters.
In a league of car exporters in 2019, Jeremy was disappointed with second position in the UK with a turnover of nearly £30m but he hopes to top the list in the future. But how do they do it?
‘Our strategy has always been to focus on premium brands,’ reveals Jeremy.
‘We figure you can get better return on investment and attract a higher quality of people for the team which combined provides excellent customer service.
‘We have incredibly low staff attrition levels, so our customers have the same point of contact throughout the buying process.
‘By having these high-quality brands gives us the opportunity to make great returns for our shareholders and do a brilliant job for our customers: Focus on people, focus on customers and keep on doing that all the time, and you will maintain a reputation as a company to do business with.
‘By doing that consistently since 2005 has put us in the enviable position we occupy.
When it comes to growth, Jeremy says there is some opportunity to grow, but says UKCE will always be customer focused. It is all about balance; increase our share of the market without reducing service level.
But what does Jeremy think really makes UKCE different? What makes it one of the most successful?
‘If you look at our team, most have been with the company over 10 years and have been in the industry most of their working lives, they all have extensive expertise of procurement and sales, they understand cars and customer needs.