Purchasing & Financing


purchasing vehicles from the UK a simple process. We are one of the very few companies in the UK that looks after the process of locating, inspecting, purchasing and then exporting the vehicle directly to the shipping port in New Zealand.

The large number of vehicles we purchase for our clients means bigger discounts for you. Our buying power means we can offer vehicles at prices that you could not get by going direct to a dealer in the UK. Simply choose the vehicle you would like to purchase and leave the rest to us!

This is great for you as we are a VAT (Tax) registered company in the UK so we can claim this tax back on your behalf – which you would not be able to do as an individual so saving you even more money.

If you would like to source your own vehicle then that is OK too. Simply let us know the details of your chosen vehicle and we will work with you to get it shipped seamlessly to your destination.

Contact us today with all the details of the vehicle you would like to purchase, and we can give you a no fuss, no obligation quote for purchase and to get it shipped to you.

Funding the vehicle is a simple process too! We will usually require a deposit from you in order for us to secure the vehicle and place the order. Once the vehicle is ready at the dealership we will pay for the vehicle in full and request 50% of the outstanding balance from you. We will arrange collection from the dealer and delivery to the port, at which time we will provide you pictures of your new vehicle and copy of the Bill of Landing. We will then require the remaining 50% of the balance before the vehicle is shipped.

We also accept and are experienced in dealing with Letters of Credit.