VAT / GST Reclaim

If you are buying and exporting a VAT qualifying car from the UK, you can claim the VAT back, currently at 20%.

UK Car Exports offer a seamless process for removing the VAT on your exported vehicle; we also will not ask you to pay the VAT on the new car.

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A VAT Qualifying Car is a car that has previously been owned by a business or is a brand-new car. A VAT Registered individual or company buying the car solely for business use or for export can reclaim the 20% VAT from the purchase price.

UK Car exports can reclaim the VAT as a part of our service. It is a quick, easy and hassle-free process, with no reason to worry. Our seamless VAT reclaim is a service we offer every single day, and we are used to the intricacies of the paperwork and the finer details of the process.

Buy directly from a UK dealer and have the invoice show the amount of VAT you are paying so it can be reclaimed. You can apply to reclaim the VAT yourself. The documentation must be written and presented correctly, and all information must be present and correct. You will need information about you, your circumstances and details of the car. Be careful that during this process, the car does not get registered to a private UK address, as this can negate the whole application, as the VAT can only be reclaimed if exported.